Our History

We nizcITa have been working in the Market since 2016 and we have incorporated in November 2019 and our company established with a group of few students studying while Bachelor degree. We in our team are more fascinated about the technology, digital media, and resolution in technical challenges which made us turn this area for excellence

We have started our business to show the creative to the world technology. we initially landed up by designing web templates and selling them to the service provides and then as the team up with experience started giving web hosting service of both static and dynamic requirements.
Today nizcITa Technology is providing service across the country with its own 50+ products and services, Upcoming days nizcITa going to step into other infrastructure and skilling industries for the country and social welfare.  

Our Moto



We Initially took our time to understand the customers requirement as the every new order became a experiment to our team. but then together everyone achieves more what is happened



We are looking for a good team who can be a part of our innovation. we want your ideas and your courage remaining we have tools to skill up your personality. Join nizcITa and you will grow.  



nizcITa has its lot of implimatation in both internal and external process. We are step by step added Department such as customer support for our clients and investors.